John Katula


Director of Business Development

Long before John made real estate his profession, he was a natural in the business from buying and selling his own homes. After almost 20 years of experience in management, John decided that what he found most fulfilling in life was helping others, so he decided to do that through real estate!

Growing up in Alaska, John opted for a warmer climate and moved to Spokane so he could enjoy the lazy summers (maybe something different here; there are no lazy summers when you’re a Realtor, LOL) and the large garden he and his wife love to work in. John and his wife are avid travelers and frequent Hawaii, Vegas, and the Caribbean. John’s varied life experiences have made him a friendly and savvy advisor.

With a passion for real estate and a way with words, John is able to easily explain complicated concepts to clients during the home buying process. Those who work with John will attest that he is always on their side and willing to go the extra mile! John prides himself in the way he is able to help his clients look beyond aesthetics to the integrity of a home in order to see its true value.

Contact John and let him help you discover the perfect home!