Bernadette's marketing plan

Some stand out… and it’s intentional.

In a barrel of choices, find the realtor that is distinguished. Realtors may be classified the same, but there are many varieties.

Bernadette Pillar Real Estate is a variety you do not want to overlook. Over the years Bernadette Pillar Real Estate has developed a fruitful marketing strategy that goes well beyond the average.

YOU are the one we value and we make every effort to demonstrate that by leveraging every resource available to help you achieve your goals in selling your home.

Listing your home in the MLS, creating a photo tour, and installing a sign in your yard is where our marketing system begins—not ends.

A little-known fact is that you will pay most realtors the same 3% to market your house. The question is, “what marketing effort will you get for that cost”? Bernadette Pillar Real Estate offers value that is second to none.

Team Effort

We find that a team approach to selling your home is more effective and efficient. We have an office support team standing by to ensure every phase of the process is handled smoothly and competently. Our team of marketing experts will work to present your home competitively through professional photography, appealing advertising designs and various marketing collateral. We also have a team of exclusive buyers agents eager to find a buyer for your home.

Latest Technology

Advances in technology means our marketing techniques are constantly evolving to help buyers find your home most easily. We use cutting edge technologies taking advantage of “getting there first” and gaining leverage in the market.

Extensive Outlets

When we list your home, it not only appears on the MLS, but is also propagated through a network of extensive local, national, and international outlets to give your house the most exposure.

Qualified Experience

With thousands of successful transactions, we are a well-seasoned group of experienced negotiators, trouble shooters, and savvy business experts to guide you through a successful sale.


We do not believe “it’s just business”. Rather, we believe “it’s people” and as such the process is personal. We realize that the sale of your home is an important part of your life goals and decisions. Thus, we respect your home selling process with this value in mind and keep your best interests at the center.

Interview us!

We are grateful for an opportunity to meet you and discover how we can assist you in your decision to sell your home. When you interview us, we will bring our full marketing package and show you how it can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Thank you for your consideration!

With a marketing plan that goes well beyond what is expected in the industry, we value Integrity, Excellence, Reliability, and You!